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Vinewood Park project proves the power of partnership in Pueblo

As part of the Impact Youth Initiative of the Pueblo Arts Alliance, Spencer eagerly donated his time and talents to the revitalization of Central Plaza, which sits in the heart of the Creative Corridor.

Vinewood Park project proves the power of partnership in Pueblo

What began as an email from an optimistic teenager to the city blossomed into a vibrant new start for a beautiful space with a troubled past.

Celebrating a new start to Pueblo’s Vinewood Park

The four-wall mural is up, aesthetic touches have been added throughout, and now Vinewood Park is ready for what advocates hope will be a fresh new start.

Vibrant mural bringing light into Pueblo’s Vinewood Park

The images coming to life on the formerly gray walls are bright, cheerful, hope-inspiring.

Pueblo Arts Alliance holds First Friday event

Over a hundred people gathered in Pueblo on Sept. 4 as part of the Arts Alliance's First Friday event. It was called "The Fight - A Retrospective of Social Justice." It was a chance for the community to come together and honor movements, past and present.

COVID-19 inspired chalk art at Bingo Burger in Pueblo

Groups in Pueblo want to provide some inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic. The Pueblo Arts Alliance and the Impact Youth Initiative teamed up to make COVID-19 inspired chalk art pieces at Bingo Burger.